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Sabtu, 01 September 2012

Lidroid System Toolbox

  This aplication was already inside in USR V2 and V3 but i'll repost it again maybe some one need it , Lidroid sysytm toolbox which has the most comprehensive and humanized application , theres alot of menu that will be so usefull for our device , for those who wona backup their aplication , mesege or contact this tool will be so much help to backup them all ,so before we use other custom ROM just use this aplication ,what inside this app?
  1. Instal aplication (directly from the aplication)
  2. Uninstal aplication (directly from the aplication)
  3. Flip mute
  4. Auoto start (for aplication when it boot up)
  5. Backup
  6. Restore
  7. Auto airplane
  8. Personal data backup (Sms and Contact)
  9. Recomended app (google play store)
  10. Batery saver
  11. Scren Shoot
  12. Barcode Scanner 

there you go , it simple to use :) just try some , Klik here to download 

ind :

lidroid toolbox sebenarnya udah ada di USR V2 dan V3 tapi ane posting lagi siapa tau ada yang membutuhkan ,cara penggunaan yang simpel dan tak berbelit2 , menu silahkan liat di atas . jadi sebelum kalian menginstal custom rom baru , ada baiknya kalian menggunakan app ini untuk backup aplikasi ,kontak ataupun sms inbox kalian.

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