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Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

[THEME] [U.S.S.R V4][USR V3][U.S.S.R V5] Green Droids

Hello every one , this time we have 1 more theme for USSR v4 . This theme made by 1 of the member Oprek Galaxy y page . Just a simple theme that adopted from iron man themes . . Here we go the ss

Thats it , just like the iron theme it has 2 flashable zip , the theme and icon pack . We have to use this way to reduce size of the theme. Ok here we go the link

1. Green droids icon pack

2. Green droids themes

3Default theme USSR V5


Green Droids USSR V5  : KLIK HERE

How to :
- just place that 2 flashable zip to the root of your sd card and flash it truw CWM recovry one by one , after finish reboot your phone

Ok thats the step to use this themes , hope you guys n gals enjoy it :)

Best regards : Rizky Yudha Pramudhika


- credits :

basic theme : iron man
icon supply : NoeRie
edited by rizky
And last (but not least) : kumendan evanlocked@xda for the ROM

to my fellow bloggers please include source if you want to copy and paste from our blog. appreciate the hard work of others

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